Sojourn verb | sōjərn | stay temporarily; briefly visit | syn: stop over, vacation

I know a few things about Tampa, and I like uncommonly used words, so once I decided to create a blog, naming it was the easy part.


Tampa is a unique place full of little-known secrets. The way the city has grown over the years has made it a place full of little pockets of culture. There’s not one “downtown” area, but more like ten small downtowns a few miles apart. You really need to know Tampa well to get the most out of it.

I came to Tampa in 2014 when I was still in the Army. I deployed so much in the first few years of living here, that I felt a bit like an outsider in my own city. When my military service was coming to an end, I got more and more chances to get out in the city and build up a store of insider knowledge.